- John McGaughey
The training was very informative and worthwhile. I thought that his expertise in the industry was credible, his information and experience valuable and his delivery very enjoyable and fun to listen to. A good project manager practicing good project management skills will always contribute cost effectiveness and efficiency to an organization.
- Ann Kazala
I found Greg Sweet to be an exceptional speaker. Very organized, very well informed. You got the feeling that you could ask him about anything regarding telecom, and he would have the answer. I like his no nonsense approach to how to build sites with an eye towards organization and most importantly, closure. He has a lot of integrity.
- Joe Sanchez
I got a bird's eye view of the industry, which helped to put everything in perspective. I think Greg is definitely an asset to anyone who hears him speak. He has 1st hand experience and has been in this line of business for many years. It is uncommon to come across someone who has as much experience as Greg. He also speaks with humor that helps the training become fun and easy to absorb.