Who we are

Acquire Telecom Services is the “go to” acquisition and permitting consultant for both wireless and fiber optic cable telecom infrastructure

What we do

Acquire Telecom is a “problem solver” for difficult telecom infrastructure issues.


Today’s “fixed cost” telecom reimbursement does not allow the time or expense to train people but you can have them trained through an interactive training program they can complete on their own. See our training section for details.

``The most important lesson I learned at the training class was a quote from Greg Sweet that said, 'We must acutely examine the long term effects of every short term decision we make'. These are words to live by not only at the job, but in life as well.``

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Acquire Telecom Services, Inc is owned by Gregory Sweet and based in Reno, NV. Mr. Sweet began his Telecom career with MCI in 1972. He has developed wireless and wireline sites as well as master agreements for the likes of MCI, AT&T, Sprint and Qwest (now Centurylink).

Gregory Sweet